PrimeLocation Investigates: Britains greenest cities

20 Nov

If eco issues are big on your agenda when choosing where to live, then you may be intrigued to know that Bristol is officially the most environmentally sustainable city in Britain.

It’s true – Bristol has been named as top of the league in the second annual Sustainable Cities Index produced by sustainable development group, Forum For The Future. The Sustainable Cities Index is designed to track the sustainability progress of the 20 largest cities in Britain and looks at factors such as quality of life, environmental performance and what they call future-proofing, or how they’re managing recycling, biodiversity and climate change issues.

Bristol was commended due to its increase in activities such as recycling and composting – it has moved up the ranks a massive ten places since last year, so has made a real effort to become more eco friendly. Plus, it did well due to its effective waste collection service, having plenty of green spaces and good water quality.

Last year, Brighton and Hove in East Sussex was named as Britain’s most environmentally sustainable city, but it was pipped to the post this year due to poor environmental performance and only came second. Despite that, it was noted as having good transport services, a good number of green spaces, good recycling rates, a climate change strategy and good provision of education.

Interestingly, cities in the south dominated the top three rankings, with third place taken by the city of Plymouth, in Devon. Plymouth scored well on employment, life expectancy and recycling rates. It was also noted to have good water and air quality, which may be useful for potential residents to consider if they’re thinking of buying property and living here.

The rest of the cities in the top 10 were:


1. Bristol

2. Brighton and Hove

3. Plymouth

4. Newcastle

5. Cardiff

6. Edinburgh

7. Sheffield

8. Leicester

9. Nottingham

10. London

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