City gardens

8 May

There’s a lot of aspects of city living that are brilliant. There’s no doubting the fun, vibrant atmosphere. And being able to get Chinese food at practically any time of the day will always be a bonus as far as I’m concerned. But if you’re living in the centre, you’re probably going to have to miss out on a garden. But there’s got to be some green-fingered options out there, hasn’t there?


Edinburgh is a stunning city and it’s got a great whack of pretty scenery all on it’s own. But it’s an old town, so the properties in the centre are often listed building. If you’re lucky enough to find a garden property like this one, I’d snap it up, there won’t be many of them in the city centre. Offers are in excess of £395,000, so for a central flat, that’s not too bad.





Would you consider a communal garden? Newcastle isn’t very abundant with green space in the city, but if you lived here, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to cope. Stunning isn’t it? Granted you might not be able to grow your own veg, but think of the garden parties you’ll have. It’s got three bedrooms and it’s on the market for £750,000. A bargain, I think.






Finding secret green spaces in London isn’t as hard as you’d think. But finding one that’s actually more then two foot square is another matter. So have a look at this place. Yes, that is a hot tub you can see just in the corner. The koi pond is just out of view. Extravagant? Moi? A tad. But it’s central, and £1.15 million isn’t so bad for such a swanky pad in Baker Street. Honestly.





It rains rather a lot in Manchester, but at least that’ll give all of your pretty flowers a chance to grow (hey, I’m looking at the upside here, OK?) I’ve been assured that not only does this central Manchester penthouse has a roof garden, it’s also got a hot tub. And, it’s also got that view, which makes it all worth while.

I’m tempted to get the gardening gloves out now.

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