PrimeLocation’s Best: Jacuzzi’s

29 May

I’ll let you into a secret: Those things you put in the bath to make them into jacuzzis are rubbish.

They don’t work, they get in the way and you’ll use them once before you get bored. So if you’re going to do something, do it right. Here are some properties that’ll add a little bit of luxury to your bathtime.


jacuzzi1 This one-bedroom flat is not only in a great part of south London (Crystal Palace), it’s in a lovely property too.

And for £149,950 you could certainly do a lot worse.

It’s even got oak floors. But most importantly, it’s got a jacuzzi bath.

I’m tempted by this one myself. I can’t see it sticking around for very long so move quickly if you want to take a look.






jacuzzi2 This place is pretty spectacular. I know we’re meant to be looking for jacuzzis, and this five-bedroom home in Nottingham has one of those, but it’s also got a swimming pool as well! Hooray!

Sure, it’s not exactly budget friendly, but £300,000 for a five-bed home with all of the fancy trimmings is a very good price indeed. Need anymore convincing? Take a look at that garden.






jacuzzi3 This Georgian styled property is great. It’s not a huge home, so if you were looking for a two-bed place with space for an office or studio, this would work very well.

It’s pretty, in a good area and on the market for £199,950. And that jacuzzi looks lovely too. Brilliant.








jacuzzi4 If you’re looking for a one-bedroom flat that’s perfect for commuting into the city, this Manchester pad could be perfect.

As the flat is part of a complex, you get access to a gym and swimming pool.

You don’t have a jacuzzi in the flat itself, but there is one in the swanky fitness centre. I guess for £137,000 you have to pick your battles.

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