London Property: Relocating to Greenwich

15 Jul

GreenwichEver wondered what the most common cause of death in London is (a tumour)? Or how many Metropolitan police officers there are (32,976, to be precise)? Then you should check out Focus on London – an annual set of statistics covering all sorts of information about life in the capital.

The most interesting facts are the property-based ones. Did you know, for example, that the cheapest average property prices can be found in Barking (always happy to hear that there is at least somewhere in London that’s cheap to live), and the number of people moving out of London to live elsewhere has halved since 2004?

The most worrying fact? Apparently the area with the lowest life expectancy is Greenwich, with men expected to live to 74.9 and women living to a ripe old age of 79.8. The highest life expectancy is in Kensington and Chelsea, where those lucky devils can expect to live until they’re 87.

This wouldn’t worry me so much if I wasn’t typing this from Greenwich… Are my days numbered because of where I live? Should I stay here until I’m 70 and then go west just to make sure I get an extra few years? That seems quite extravagant. Plus I’ve never been a fan of west London.

I wonder what it is about Greenwich that causes such an early demise. Is the Maritime Museum really that dull? Or maybe it’s that walk up to the observatory that does it. It’s really, really steep, after all.

One Response to “London Property: Relocating to Greenwich”

  1. griffeth and internet marketing December 22, 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    Man, I’d have loved to make this. In my favorite city as well. Stuck in Japan though. Looks great though.

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