PrimeLocation Investigates: Withnail and I Cottage to become a private home

27 Aug

If you’ve ever seen Withnail & I, you’ll know of Uncle Monty’s cottage. The Cumbrian farmhouse is the scene of a disastrous weekend, and it has become almost as iconic for Withnail fans as the film itself.

The cottage, real name Sleddale Hall, was auctioned in February for £265,000, after reportedly lying derelict for a number of decades. The buyer, Sebastian Hindley, planned to sympathetically restore it and open it up to the local community as a museum in tribute to the cult film. However, he failed to raise the cash, and now the cottage has been re-sold and it’s back in the hands of a private owner.

The home (which needs more than a little bit of work) now belongs to architect Tim Ellis, whose bid was passed over in the original auction (which also attracted rumoured interest from Kate Moss and Chris Evans, and a bid from a consortium of Withnail fans). He’s now converting the property into a home, but promises to stay true to the ‘Withnail atmosphere’.

But if you’re not a Withnail fan, here’s a question for you. Which fictional property would you like to buy? Tell me in the comments!

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