Who wants to live in the Funhouse?

15 Oct

Remember when you drew houses when you were a kid? Was it just me who always put a slide instead of stairs? Of course not! We all did it, because that’s what makes houses fun. Why climb stairs when you can slide down them? (Obviously don’t try that while carrying anything precious like the cat or your LEGO collection).

If you’re looking to live out your childish fantasies then look no further! The Rainbow House in West London will satisfy all of your childhood dreams.

It has an actual slide! Instead of stairs! Of course, if you do need to use stairs, you can use the rainbow spiral staircase (see pic below).


This is the house that dreams are made of (childhood dreams where you happen to have £4500 a week for the rental). And it reminds me of a certain childhood TV show: Funhouse.

I don’t know any kid who didn’t want to live in that house (and I bet that’s where the Rainbow House designers got their ideas from too). But what other TV houses would you have wanted to live in?

Big Brother House: Granted, you might not want to live here with 100s of cameras pointing at you while you go about your business. But after next year, that house is going to be empty (and some might say that’s a good thing).

The TV company are missing a trick if they don’t rent that out for a few weeks. Despite what you think of the show, it would be fun to live there for a while, don’t you think?

Kirstie’s Homemade Home: Who doesn’t want to live at Meadow Gate? I’d move there in a flash if I could.

It’s the most beautiful place and Kirstie Allsopp caused lifestyle envy amongst the nation as she did up every room in her latest series. Serious lifestyle envy.

Big Breakfast House: Fried Eggs! On the wallpaper! Of course, I can’t think of anything worse now, but when you were a kid that seemed so much fun.

So much fun that they even gave away a look-a-like house in a competition. I remember being sad for a whole week because we didn’t win.

They’re my favourite TV houses – which TV house gets your vote?

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One Response to “Who wants to live in the Funhouse?”

  1. Julia Young October 15, 2009 at 8:15 pm #

    Slide looks great fun, but the other rooms are fantastic, especially the rainbow staircase, everyone needs one of those, superb

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