PrimeLocations best places to experience Snow in the U.K.

17 Dec

Despite snow-flurried scenes on Christmas cards being a staple part of the festive season in the UK, how often do we actually get to enjoy a white Christmas? I spend every Christmas at my family home in Scotland, and I reckon I could count on one hand how often I’ve seen a sprinkling of the white stuff on the day itself.

Although it seems that most of the UK is to be seeing a snow storm or two over the next few days, of course some parts of the UK have more chance than others of seeing snow each year. And when it comes to Christmas Day this year, Aberdeen looks like the favourite according to William Hill, coming in with odds of eleven to four.

But if you’re really dreaming of a white Christmas, you’ve got to aim high. Mountain high if possible. Here’s our pick of the homes on the market with a chance of seeing snow this Christmas.

Ben Tee, Highlands £795,000

Cairngorm National Park, £795,000

Snowdonia £1,950,000

High above the Severn Vale £850,000

Malvern Hills £795,000

North-eastern Peak District £2,500,000

Edge of the Peak District National Park £995,000

The Pennine Hills £1,695,000

One Response to “PrimeLocations best places to experience Snow in the U.K.”

  1. Sue December 28, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    Hi, The properties shown most likely to see snow this Christmas were lovely, but could you not have shown some Mountain properties that just may be within the reach of the vast majority of the population instead of the select few so that some of us had something to put on our Christmas Wish list that we have a slim chance of getting. It does us the world of good to dream, but even dreams must have a tad of reality about them. I would love to see some more Mountain properties, but in the “WORKING CLASS” price bracket range PLEASE.

    All the best for the Festive (WHITE) Season


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