Grand Designs now has BBC Rival Show

12 Jul

There are some who might say that right now is not the time to be launching a property show on TV given the difficult nature of the housing market, and particularly not a show about investing in bricks and mortar.

TV presenter Kevin McCloud. Will his Grand Designs show soon have a rival over on the BBC?

But not so at the BBC, where producers are looking for property speculators prepared to invest their time (but not their money) in a project to be featured in a new TV series.

It will be similar to Channel 4’s Grand Designs but, rather than focussing on the emotional and architectural stresses and strains of building a dream home, will challenge would-be property developers to make theirs the most profitable property project of the six to feature on the programme.

The winning team get to keep theirs and reap the profits but the other developments will be sold off and the money kept by the show’s backer, an unnamed ‘property guru’.

So if you think building or converting a property is one way to make a small fortune and you’re prepared to have a camera crew follow your every move then get in contact with our friends at UK Land Agent, who are helping the BBC scour the land for tomorrow’s next property prog stars.

One Response to “Grand Designs now has BBC Rival Show”

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