Kirstie Allsopp achieves the ‘Best of Both Worlds’

5 Mar

We’ve all thought it. How can I escape to the country, but keep my job and access to amenities provided by the city where I currently live? Kirstie Allsopp helps us to find the answer.


“Finding the perfect home can often mean waging an age old battle – town verses country,” we’re told at the beginning of Kirstie’s latest property search series Best of Both Worlds.

Her new TV show is aimed at all of us who love the country, but need to be near a town or city for the realities of life.

The problem is that while 80 per cent of Britons would prefer to live in a rural location, we need to combine this with a reasonable commute to schools, work etc, Kirstie explains. But we’re promised there is a happy medium.

In yesterday evening’s show, Kirstie was in the Cotswolds to find a home for a super-sized family including three children, three dogs and a mother-in-law.

But wasn’t three generations under one roof always going to end in disaster? Not with Captain Kirstie at the helm.

You can rely on Kirstie for a happy ending as the perfect property was found just in time for one of the dogs to give birth.

The programme satisfies our all appetite for things property. We all love a good property search – especially one presented by  property goddess Kirstie. But I can’t help but miss her beloved companion Phil.

Properties offering the Best of Both Worlds:

1. Four bedroom detached house near Cheltenham for £1m

05.03.14 Kirstie 1

2. Five bedroom detached house near Bath for £1,100,000

05.03.14 Kirstie 2

3. Five bedroom detached house near Tunbridge Wells for £850,000

05.03.14 Kirstie 3

One Response to “Kirstie Allsopp achieves the ‘Best of Both Worlds’”

  1. Mac March 18, 2014 at 11:56 pm #

    Really Kirstie you do need to get your researchers to find out how to pronounce the names of the places you are visiting. There were two big gaffs in your opening show which made you look like a bit of a twit, not your fault but a twit all the same!

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