Margaret Thatcher’s London home undergoes renovation

27 May

On the global stage, she was known as The Iron Lady for her strong will. But at the family home in London, Margaret Thatcher may well have been known as The DIY Lady for the property improvements she undertook.

Margaret Thatcher

Despite having once been Britain’s Prime Minister, she was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into the painting and decorating work herself, along with the assistance of her husband Sir Denis.

Changes undertaken by the couple to the £12m homes in Chester Square, in London’s Belgravia, are understood to have included ripping out skirting boards and installing modern doors.

27.05.14 Thatcher 1

However, builders have allegedly been brought in to do a makeover of the Georgian Grade II listed townhouse, which was reportedly sold to Leconfield Property Group last year.

The home is in one of London’s most exclusive addresses. But the renovations do not appear to match their spectacular location.

Workers on site are set to spend the next 18 months renovating the property into a traditional home and rid it of previous alterations described as “not fitting” with the original character of the property.

The house was bought by the Thatchers in 1990, shortly after the Baroness left Number 10. It was purchased from the Duke of Westminster, who owns the leasehold, and they spent more than a decade living at the property and carrying out improvements.

It was later sold to a property group based in the British Virgin Islands in 2006, although Baroness Thatcher remained living there until a few months before her death in April last year.

According to planning submissions received by Westminster Council, the plans to renovate the property include efforts to rid it of previous alterations.

“There is a traditional style interior scheme throughout, which also appears to be largely modern and of a design rather overly grand for a house of this period and status.”

Properties for sale in London’s Chester Square

1. Five bedroom house for £28m

27.05.14 Thatcher 2

 2. Six bedroom terrace house for £16.5m

27.05.14 Thatcher 33. Six bedroom house for £25.5m

27.05.14 Thatcher 4


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